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Profile of the company


We are an international agency for fruits, vegetables, southern fruits, canned food, deep frozen products, import, export, transit trade, wholesale trade, representations.

The firm Fruchtkommerz - Helmut Zeilberger is

General Representative of the
CPMB - Cyprus Potatoe Marketing Board
, CY-Nicosia, Cyprus

General representative of the firm
for Austria and Switzerland
The multi way packaging solution (Dolly - Display pallet on wheels, Shipper - foldable Display box on wheels) for "for all your fast moving produce" in supermarkets, collapsible pallet box = Bins (Mini Bin + Mega Pack + Econobox) etc. for carrier and interstorage etc.

Helmut Zeilberger

Theresia Zeilberger

Fritz Heeb

Margrit Heeb-Bernegger

Werner Gerber

- Mission statement and principles of Fruchtkommerz - Helmut Zeilberger


We are committed that verbal and written agreements will conform to actual transactions. Since market situations can change rapidly, it is of utmost importance, that we can be flexible and understanding in dealing with our customers.

- The advantages of doing business with an established company:

1. We can deal with your problems and as a result save time and overhead.
a) For our clients, we will secure the best price from various wholesalers, producers and countries and pass the savings on to our clients.
b) For our suppliers, a better understanding of supply and demand, market fluctuations and expanded distribution base.

2. Up to date information as a result of our connections in the Austrian and foreign markets and abroad
a) For our clients, information on the availability of products and prices in supplier countries.
b) For our suppliers an overview of supply and demand, and the result will be an edge on the market.

3. All transactions are insured:
a) For our clients guaranteed deliveries.
b) For our suppliers insured secured deliveries.

4. Networking with our business partners:
a) For our clients, detailed planning to insure smooth business transactions.
b) For our suppliers, detailed planning results in timely performance.

5. Specific shipping, packaging and logistics:
a) For our clients, our connections with shipping and packaging companies, and producers assures "JUST IN TIME" deliveries.
b) For our suppliers, "Fruchtkommerz" plans transportation, deliveries, overruns and saves on storage costs.
For Fruchtkommerz Zeilberger defined itself logistics as follows: the correct product in the correct quantity to the correct time at the correct place - logistics as a service for our satisfied customers. (Further explanation for logistics you will find under "helpful Links" in the Langenscheids dictionary Online).

6. Telephone and fax orders will be accepted and confirmed in writing by surface mail.
a) For our clients the detailed, confirmed order will mean that sales and production planning can follow immediately. In case there are unexpected delays, because of transportation, transfers in shipping ports and customs, we will be able to notify you immediately, in order to make necessary changes, without much cost.
b) For our suppliers, because of detailed planning, time of transport and delivery, exact description of packaging, correct labeling, everything can be accurately calculated.

7. Dealing directly with buyer and seller:
a) For our clients we are totally responsible for the quality of the shipment and its timely delivery.
b) For our suppliers "Fruchtkommerz" is responsible for the shipped orders and if necessary will inspect the quality of shipments.

8. Any disputes and discrepancies will be arbitrated by "Fruchtkommerz" between client and supplier.
Our goal as broker is to bring these matters to a fair settlement and swift conclusion, between our client and supplier.

9. Our constant up to date offers, will keep our clients and suppliers informed about market conditions, pricing and will be a great help in making business transactions cost and time efficient.

10. It is mandatory for "Fruchtkommerz" to have all transactions completed as planned. Our years of experience will be passed on to our clients and suppliers. Time and quality is of essence in order to stay competitive.

The significance of our Logo:

The company Fruchtkommerz - Helmut Zeilberger, is represented with the Logo, which can be interpreted in two differt meanings:

Commerce with fruit

Blessed ist the man that walketh not in the counsel of the wicked, he is a tree planted by brooks of water, which giveth ists fruit in its season, and whose leaf fadeth not; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.
Psalm 1, 1.3

indicate "fresh" fruit
Shows raisen hands. One of different posturs of praying.
E.g.: 2. Mose 17,11 "... when Moses held up his hand ..." or 1.Kings 8,54 "... when Solomon from kneeling on his knees with his hands spread forth toward haeven ..."

in the circle of fresh fruits is our activity (mostly)

- business principles

Commendment of God, whichsoever I can orient my live.

- biblical principles


- Profile of the company

- Mission statement and principles of Fruchtkommerz - Helmut Zeilberger

- The advantages of doing business with an established company

- The significance of our Logo

Photos with description

biblical principles in the business

- Adaptability, intuition - empathy and understanding